I experienced many forms of abuse in early childhood and grew up in a
dysfunctional family.
As a young adult, I stayed married to a man that perpetuated the abuse cycle for many
years. I didn’t realize the impact that these situations had on my personal well being
until life became unmanageable.
Everything started slowly shifting when I began focusing on the only person I can
change – Myself.
The ARCS journey is a self paced personal healing experience that enables me to do
just that, focus on myself and discover the things I can change.
This journey is life changing. It helps me develop strength and hope for daily
living and introduces tools that encourage personal reflection, self-examination
and courage to change.
ARCS coursework introduces concepts through videos, workbook lessons, movies,
books, journaling and other tools for personal growth. The Program also leads you to
other self-care resources, in which I’ve found a connection and belonging I didn’t know
I view the ARCS journey as a catalyst for change that begins with me!