When I found the ARCS Program back in March it was not at all what I was
looking for.
I was on Craigslist to find a work-from-home job for supplemental income. I don’t
remember exactly what it said, but it sounded intriguing, so I decided to check it out.
After reading about the Program and watching the introduction video, I was totally
interested and thought, “This is something I could do and would even help me.” Boy
was that an understatement!!
ARCS has completely changed me!! I am still changing… daily!!
I did not come from an alcoholic or drug background but from a very dysfunctional and
abusive childhood. My mom passed away when I was 1 ½ years old, so my dad
needed a mother for us. Let’s just say his choice in a mother figure was not good.
I was a child who grew up in a dysfunctional family, until I left home at 18. I knew I had
issues, but didn’t know how deep they were until I found ARCS. It has been a blessing
from my Higher Power.
I used to ask my Higher Power, “What are you keeping me on this Earth for??” I
was tired of all the pain. But, now I know why!
I had totally lost my identity. When someone asked me, “What do you like to do?” I
couldn’t even answer that. I didn’t know what “I” liked anymore. I was too busy being a
ARCS has opened my eyes, and I now realize how badly I was treating myself.
I realized how unhappy I have been all these years, but masked it by making everyone
else happy. I didn’t realize how detrimental growing up without being able to be a child
and going through all the life stages in a normal family can be.
I am so very thankful that I opened up that ad on Craigslist, on that day back in March.
It really was put there for me to finally find the healing I had been searching for.
I have learned so much from the courses and the instructor!
She is an amazing teacher, and you can tell — a beautiful person who really cares.
I know that with the help of ARCS and my dedication to now helping others, I can “pay
it forward” to help so many hurting, lost souls! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!