ARCS started as a small counseling office consisting of three therapists, who opened their doors for in-person sessions in Atlanta, Georgia in the Spring of 1997. They specialized in helping addicts, trauma survivors and anyone seeking emotional empowerment, behavioral change and improved relationships.


ARCS founders requested to tour the US on speaking engagements at various wellness facilities.


ARCS itinerary of speaking engagements started to overwhelm our small staff, so the founders decided to form the NBARP Board and adapted the information that they imparted at facility workshops and weekend retreats into online CARC Certifications for licensed therapists who wanted to acquire additional training and credentialing in addiction and correlated trauma.


New staff was hired for ARCS, including our director who was “hand-picked” by her mentors (the original ARCS founders), to carry the ARCS vision into the future. The founders then moved to certification board positions — in which two of them still remain. The third founder transitioned in 2009, but her legacy and the seeds that each founder has planted live on in every ARCS student, graduate and Coach.

2003 – 2007

Throughout the early 2000’s, ARCS received numerous emails, letters and phone calls from the clients of therapists who had completed our online training — asking if ARCS could make CARC life coaching certifications available to them. These clients were recovering addicts, trauma survivors and other individuals whose lives had been transformed by ARCS lessons, and they felt called to help others with the wisdom and clarity that they had gained through our healing process.


The project of sanctioning a highly specialized certification program for individuals without any formal university education or clinical background was arduous, but ARCS’ new director was up to the task. Having a long-standing public speaking history herself, and having sat in years worth of the founders’ workshop — she traveled the country to record new workshops designed specifically for clients who wish to become Coaches.

2007 – 2016

After seven years of writing, traveling, recording, audio editing and video editing on a “shoestring” production budget, ARCS presented what is today known as its “Healing Journey Curriculum” on limited streaming platforms, for three years of testing by several US-based counseling offices, treatment centers, halfway houses and prison diversion programs. The testing results showed lower relapse amongst addicts, profound internal shifts for trauma survivors and improved quality of life for participants.


ARCS secured NBARP Certification Board accreditation and sanctioning to offer CARC life coaching certifications to clients who wish to heal emotionally and, then, become professional helpers.


ARCS formally changed its mission to “providing a pathway for both emotional and economic empowerment to all who seek it” and launched a simple website to begin offering its Healing Journey and CARC Certifications to the public. The viability of the Healing Journey was already well documented, but the ability to help Coaches achieve post-grad economic success remained to be seen.

2017 – Today

We do not have the words to express ho deeply honored and thankful we are to report that ARCS’ first five years in this bourgeoning program have literally changed people’s lives. Graduates readily testify to the fact that ARCS has transformed their relationships with family members, spouses, children — and most of all, their relationship with themselves. Furthermore, ARCS’ first few graduates proved that we could teach Coaches how to build their purposeful new careers up to their desired income level.


Although the ARCS post-grad Coaching Journey has been wildly successful, it has not been without its challenges, so ARCS developed a highly customized, AI-rich and fully automated online platform for our students and for our Coaches who wish to work-from-home seeing online clients from across the US. We also compiled our years of experience and the successful path that we had cleared for our first generation of graduates into what is now known as our Coaching Journey, which offers information, mentoring and resources designed to help Coaches build their online practices.

2023 – 2024

Just like the emotional self-actualization process never stops because we are constantly evolving, ARCS continues to develop its programs to meet the needs of our students and graduates. We are currently adapting our Healing Journey program to enter the international market, so that our CARC-graduates can carry the keys to empowered living and internal transformation across the globe.

Welcome to ARCS

ARCS is not just an emotional wellness or coaching certification program — we are a mission and a movement.

We’re glad you’re here, and we will welcome you as family