Unlike other certification schools and universities, ARCS stays on after you graduate to help you build your Coaching practice:

ARCS Coaching Journey Benefits 

We have compiled years of collective professional experience with a comprehensive range of effective strategies into our Coaching Journey Program for CARCs who wish to leverage our ARCS brand, online presence, video materials, coaching certifications and fully automated, customized online platform and marketplace functionalities to build your coaching practice to your desired level of income.

Here are the features and benefits of our one-of-kind Coaching Journey Program, that will be available to you after you complete the ARCS Healing Journey and earn CARC Certifications: 

ARCS Professional Membership 

All CARCs in the Coaching Journey are formally authorized to provide their online coaching services to enrolled ARCS Students and to offer ARCS Healing Journey and CARC Certifications to their private clients. This is a huge market advantage because all life coaches are competing with therapists from a business perspective — but not even licensed therapists can offer CARC Certifications as a byproduct of attending their counseling sessions!

One common misconception about joining the Coaching Journey is the idea that one must choose between either coaching on ARCS platform or being an independent Coach in private practice, but these two things go together — you are always a private practitioner, and you will simply have the option to incorporate ARCS materials, certifications, platform, marketplace, features, functionality, resources, benefits and expertise into your practice through the Coaching Journey. 

Placement in ARCS Online Marketplace
All ARCS Professional Members get a stunning profile page on our online marketplace, with sections to post and update your photo, your story, your specializations, a personal welcome video (optional), your session offerings, your session pricing, and even “words of wisdom” to give visitors insight into your practice style and philosophy.

Coaching Dashboard on ARCS Online Platform
Your ARCS Coaching Dashboard provides easy-to-access information on all of your clients-students, including the ability to communicate sending bulk emails or texts and a seamless interface for reviewing Healing Journey lesson progress. 

Professional Mentorship
When you graduate from the ARCS Healing Journey, you (the student) will become the teacher — and when you opt to join ARCS Coaching Journey, your Coach can become your Professional Mentor! Now the two of you are colleagues, and you will be able to garner from their practice- building experience. 

ARCS Professional Development Workshops
Each ARCS Professional Mentor offers a live, weekly, online Professional Development Workshop in which you and other graduates from your Healing Journey class will discuss everything from case studies, challenging clients, emotional triggers and ethical conundrums that come up over the course of your career — to sharing practice building tips, “subbing” for each others’ sessions when someone needs a holiday, and always being on hand to provide camaraderie and support for one another.

ARCS Professional Development Lessons
Just as ARCS Healing Journey students enjoy a series of enlightening lessons, Coaching Journey participants have access to several professional development article. Just some of the topics covered include:

  1. quick and easy tutorials on how to use your ARCS Coaching Dashboard
  2. step-by-step guide to launch your coaching practice on ARCS Platform
  3. the entrepreneurial mindset: how to multiply prosperity through coaching
  4. advanced communication and interaction with clients
  5. how to discover and hone your coaching style and methods
  6. tips for online group-session structure and management
  7. advanced social media marketing techniques

ARCS Healing Journey Workshops
As an ARCS Professional Member, you can still enjoy your Professional Mentor’s weekly Healing Journey workshop — and students will often ask to hear your story, wanting to know more about how you graduated through their class and are now coaching others.

ARCS Online Coaching Resource Center
We provide an extensive and ever-growing online resource directory for our CARC-Members. Entries are submitted by both ARCS Support and Coaching Journey CARCs, so that collective information and experience can be shared:

  1. national crisis and intervention resources to refer to your clients
  2. external professional development resources, for Coaches
  3. self-care and wellness resources, for clients and Coaches
  4. coaching know-how, tips, philosophies, specializations and styles
  5. Links to online articles, podcasts and videos that can benefit your practice
  6. Individual, couple and group session discussion topics and inspiration
  7. ARCS Lending Library: Professional Members can opt to check-out ARCS Healing Journey video lessons to show and discuss in their coaching sessions.

Dedicated ARCS Support
Access to ARCS Coaching Support Site and to administrative services like:

  1. automated enrollment for your clients
  2. insta-pay for your session fees

Your First Step
Your first step is to try a free online workshop to see if this program is right for you, then our Grant Department can reach out to you with assistance, funding and discounts.