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ARCS believes the most qualified person to guide someone through the emotional healing and restoration process is someone who has walked that journey, for themselves.
• Join your Coach and fellow participants online each week, to share your experience and support.
• Venture through our online 80-video emotional and relationship healing series:

√ Learn how our internal mechanisms work
√ Experience emotions in an empowered way
√ Realign your instinctual patterns
√ Stop unwanted behavior patterns
√ Practice healthy boundaries
√ Improve and enhance relationships
√ Recognize toxic personalities
√ Build and fortify self-esteem
√ Cultivate internal security and loyalty
√ Unlock your intuition and creativity
√ Train in multiple methods to coach others

All graduates who complete the ARCS Healing Journey receive two nationally accredited CARC Life Coaching Certifications:

Certified Addiction-Recovery Coach

to help substance and behavioral addicts, their loved ones and anyone who wants to change their emotional, cognitive or behavior patterns.

Certified Addiction-Recovery CoachCertified Abuse-Recovery Coach

to help survivors of dysfunctional families, toxic relationships, childhood abuse, domestic violence or any other form of trauma.

√ Private Life Coaching Certifications accredited by the NBARP ( )
√ Designed for private practice in-person or online – earn 75.00-135.00 per private session
√ Coach anywhere in the US with no need to file for reciprocity if you move to another state
√ Offer individual, couples, related-group (families) or unrelated-group (workshops) sessions
√ Addiction and trauma are defined broadly, so you can work with any population and issues

ARCS Healing Journey


The ARCS Healing Journey is unlike any other Life Coaching Certification Program for twopredominant reasons.

Firstly, we believe that the foremost quality someone needs to be qualified to help others heal, grow and change is that they have actually “walked through” that personal process, themselves.

Let’s face it… most of us have known at least one therapist who has a PhD on their wall, but hasnever been to therapy and greatly needs it! Those of us who feel called to help others have usually endured some moments of profound emotional pain, and we receive the gifts of attuned sensitivity and increased empathy that emerge from our challenges making us uniquely skilled to guide others with compassion — once we have transcended our own struggles.

ARCS is looking for people who have these “gifts that we cannot teach” like a desire to enhance your personal awareness, an interest in healing and psychology, and a natural inclination toward caring about the suffering of others. Then, we can teach you everything else you’ll need to transform not only your life — but also the lives of those around you and of the many seeking help.

Secondly, ARCS actually follows up our Life Coaching Certification process by offering you a workfrom-home channel to build your professional coaching practice.

Other life coaching certification programs — and, for that matter, even university degree programs in the counseling disciplines — bid you a cheery farewell, after graduation: “Congratulations, and good luck building your practice!” But at ARCS, we actually “stick around” to show you how to build your coaching practice! We provide you with a professional profile and coaching dashboard on our fully automated and customized online platform, which allows you to leverage all the benefits of our online website traffic, our registration pages and our enrollment system. We license you with authorization to provide your coaching services to our enrolled students and to offer our proprietary materials and certifications to your prospective clients. We provide you with professional mentorship, live professional development classes, online professional development learning modules, various marketing streams, and administrative services including dedicated ARCS Support and insta-pay for your services.

Some graduated Coaches prefer to volunteer or to keep their coaching part-time, while many others have established their practices to the level of making well over $100,000 per year — and all while keeping the bar of entry affordable to all who are seeking restoration and well-being.

The ARCS model always strives for “win-win” (Clients-Coaches) situations, in all that we develop. So our program model does not endeavor to make “a lot from the few” — rather, we and our Coaches are dedicated to forging a purposeful career and making a good living from offering a lot for very little, to as many people who need it.

The ARCS Mission is committed to providing a pathway for both emotional and economic empowerment, to all who seek it. Our core values, our ethical code and our commitment to social justice mean that do not ascribe to any idea that emotional wellness and coaching certification should exclude individuals who live below the poverty line — particularly because we are well aware that women still endure making less than their male counterparts and many domestic abuse survivors live below the poverty line, precisely because their abusers will thwart any effort toward financial autonomy.

Healing Journey Components

CARC Life Coaching Certification is earned by availing yourself of two simultaneous services:

ARCS Online Counseling

Try a free online workshop with one of our Coaches, so that you can experience our supportive online learning environment. No matter what you read here, there is no substitute for actually witnessing what we do, for yourself — most people immediately and intuitively know if the ARCS Program is a “fit” for them, or not, after they visit a free online class. Whether you choose to share or to simply listen, you will become engaged in hearing the life stories and healing experiences from fellow journeyers.

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ARCS Healing Journey Videos

ARCS Students can venture through our online videos at their own pace — there is no pressure to embark upon the videos immediately, as some students prefer to enjoy their classes for a while before they feel ready to start their coursework. The only limit on video lesson progression is that you cannot complete more than one module per any seven day period, and this stipulation is actually set by the Certification Board to ensure that you travel through your personal empowerment and coach training thoroughly. ARCS video workbook lessons are progressively emotional in nature. It’s almost as if you start out “in the shallow end of the pool” and become equipped with emotional skills that are the equivalent of Your “floaties”, your “snorkel” and your “flippers” — by the time you’re swimming in deeper waters, you hardly notice because you are so well prepared! Essentially, the CARC Certification Program is not something that you merely study — it’s something that you live. You will progress through lessons at your own pace, and the benefits of this program will positively impact your self-esteem, your empowerment level and your relationships for the rest of your life.

Phase I – The Fundamentals

√ How addictive and embedded habits operate
√ How false beliefs, distorted thinking and emotional perception can manipulate you
√ How the principles of addiction and recovery apply to all behavior patterns
√ How to build a lifestyle that matches your true wants and needs
√ How to implement effective strategies that prevent any return to old patterns
√ Case Studies: learn from the experience of others who have transformed
√ How to incorporate your own personal spirituality into the healing journey

Phase II – Honing Your Gifts

√ How to listen actively and empathically (which enhances the quality of all relationships)
√ How to view yourself and others within the context of your experiences and influences
√ How to identify unconscious false beliefs that are driving unwanted behavior patterns
√ How to define roles and responsibilities in a healthy way
√ How to identify feelings and needs
√ How to assess needs by level of priority
√ How to problem-solve effectively

Phase III – Personal Transformation

√ Identify abusive personalities, toxic relationships and dysfunctional emotional environments
√ Learn how your instincts, intuition, emotions, thoughts and behaviors all interact
√ Translate your emotions into an empowered stance
√ Choose, establish and maintain healthy boundaries
√ Reinstate primal security, to displace fear and anxiety
√ Build and fortify self-esteem, self-love and self-appreciation
√ Provide emotional validation for yourself, so you are not dependent to seek it from others
√ Restore empathic loyalty to yourself, your feelings and your needs
√ Realign your instinctual drives toward healthy reactions

Phase IV – Manifestation and Maintenance

√ Change unwanted belief, perception, emotional, behavior and relationship patterns
√ Learn how to sustain the changes that you have made
√ Improve current relationships and decide which ones you wish to release, versus reconcile
√ Find your Tribe: cultivate healthy relationships that contribute to your well-being and joy
√ Heighten your ability to listen, acknowledge, honor and be true to yourself
√ “Tap in” to your intuition, creativity and aspirations
√ Turn this into the last phase? Study and take an exam based upon the principles for ethical
coaching practice

After you complete the ARCS Healing Journey you will earn CARC Life Coaching Certification. Then, you’re welcome to join us on the Coaching Journey, as a Professional Member of ARCS

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