I found the ARCS training when I was poking around for a job on the internet, and I’m
so happy I looked further into the prospect. I had already done quite a bit of work on
myself to get happy being on the planet – and had also worked with other people as a
guide to help them work through some of their “stuffed” and unresolved issues.
The ARCS training has given me a deeper understanding of what I grew up in,
how I processed it, and that I am not to blame for any of it.
It taught me the addiction cycle, how it operates, how it can really apply to
anyone — because all unhealthy behavior patterns are rooted in false beliefs and
muddled thoughts — and road to healing those tendencies.
The weekly classes are gold.
Firstly, the repetition of hearing my instructor’s story opens up different places in myself
for healing. And with her coaching, listening, and guidance — when other participants
share their stories and lives, I see the width and depth that trauma has and the affects
on our society. It’s so easy to see the ways dysfunction shows up in others while I’m
often blind to how I’m not taking the actions I need to take, or saying what I need to
say, or participating in my life in the most healthy way.
I had a tumultuous upbringing.
I was adopted at birth, and my biological mother was my adopted aunt’s teenage
foster child. My adopted mother convinced herself that my adopted father had an affair
with the 17-year-old and that I was the product of it. In other words, she felt that she
had gotten “stuck” raising her philandering husband’s offspring.
I went through two divorces before the age of six. It turns out my adopted mother was
wrong, but that didn’t stop her from — in her words — “despising” me, all my life. She
apologized when I was 50, after I had done some personal growth work, and she
FINALLY received the truth within her being of who my biological father was… even
though that fact had actually come out 30 years, previously.
Anyway – drama, and lots of it.
I worked hard over the years to take suicide out of my back pocket as an option, and
when I found ARCS, the training gave me more tools to become a willful participant in
this thing called “Life”.
I’ve spent most of my life more isolated than involved, often choosing to stay
home over going out in groups or being with friends.
Doing this work has shown me how I’ve been scared of people, on one level, all the
while pretending I’m fine. It blows my mind how I continued to override those feelings,
not address them, and interact in the world as if everything was “hunky-dory”.
I look forward to the quality of relationships that will open up due to being more
comfortable in my skin.
I welcome the new horizons available with people due to my honesty with myself and
the deepening of relationships with friends that I’ve stuck with and who have stuck with
I look forward to working with ARCS and individuals — the more people who heal
themselves, the better chance we have as humans.
Thank you for this Program.
“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”