My relationship with my family, my husband and most importantly, with myself, has improved more than I ever thought possible because one of the many things this Program has taught me is to be my own parent to the lost child that is within me. I am excited to get to finish the Program and go on to share my knowledge with others in hopes they will use it to positively effect their own lives, as it has positively affected my own.
- Testimonials - Transform Your Pain into PurposeJudith Miramar, FL
I started to feel empowered from that very first class, and I haven’t looked back since. I signed up with the intention of creating a safe space for women to deal with trauma, but what I truly found was a safe, nurturing and knowledgeable space to learn about myself. I am doing all of the things that I was afraid to do for myself, because I was always giving myself away to others in seeking what I had lost in childhood.
- Testimonials - Transform Your Pain into PurposeTanya Roanoke, VA
ARCS really is life-changing. The love, support and understanding of those around you is a priceless gift; the online class environment bears the gift of allowing all of those who enter a chance to start releasing what they have been dragging.

ARCS is helping to teach me who I really am and what I’m really capable of. It’s a beautiful experience to witness and participate in.

- Testimonials - Transform Your Pain into PurposeJuanita Norwalk, CA
It is so empowering to know that no one can ever take this knowledge and these tools away from me. Not only do I understand myself much better, I have learned to understand others by deciphering what made them treat me the way that they did — which softened the blow of their actions a little bit. I am able to see people within the context of their own patterns. For anyone thinking about embarking upon the ARCS program, my advice is it will change your entire life.
Rosemary Yuma, AZRosemary Yuma, AZ
I have been to therapy in the past, but this journey is something different. I didn’t feel like I got as much out of being in therapy. I felt that something was missing there, for me. ARCS definitely filled that void for me. It is the link that I was missing. I have been able to have closure with certain things in my life. I am more at peace with myself, and I see a lot of aspects of life differently. We are given tools which help us to help ourselves — as well as others.
- Testimonials - Transform Your Pain into PurposeLenora Lansing, MI
Being an educator for over 20 years, the format of ARCS was a natural fit for me. I was fascinated with the knowledge gained in each lesson, and I looked forward to weekly class sessions. I found that I was better able to relate to my students and with colleagues, due to my training from ARCS. Relationships with family and friends improved because of the personal growth I’ve achieved from engaging in the ARCS curriculum.
- Testimonials - Transform Your Pain into PurposeYolanda New York, NY
To this day my daughters and I joke around that they have inherited my sickness, “taking in strays” and “helping those who need to help themselves”, but they are also more than proud and overjoyed that I am now modeling for them how to truly love oneself, build a new life based on truth, and create a “solid foundation” that will whether any storm. I am passing on a legacy of helping others to learn the tools to transform their live — with an endless cycle that will PAY IT FORWARD to the world. forever.
- Testimonials - Transform Your Pain into PurposeLynne Danbury, CT
This course has helped me in so many ways. I am so grateful for this Program. Since starting this course, I have been reunified with 3 of my 4 children. I am much happier, and I actually feel peace flow through my life. I am able to identify as well as distance myself from toxic relationships that were stopping me from being who I am meant to be. My children are much happier — they sleep better, and I also teach them everything that I have learned from ARCS.
- Testimonials - Transform Your Pain into PurposeSheila St. Charles, CO
I’ve spent most of my life more isolated than involved, often choosing to stay home over going out in groups or being with friends. Doing this work has shown me how I’ve been scared of people, all the while pretending I’m fine. I welcome the new horizons available with people due to my honesty with myself and the deepening of relationships with friends. I look forward to working with ARCS — the more people who heal themselves, the better chance we have as humans. Thank you for this Program.
- Testimonials - Transform Your Pain into PurposeGretchen Dayton, OH
I’m now glad and hopeful to have learned that it’s not a matter of whether or not someone is created to be fortunate or less than fortunate, but rather that fortune favors the person who is aware of their personal habits, patterns, thoughts and beliefs — and that these things develop into our realities. The coursework, as well as the support of my ARCS classmates — all of us fighting for change, to create our own realities —- this Program has helped me to both realize and witness the power of awareness, acceptance, application and consistency.
- Testimonials - Transform Your Pain into PurposeFelicia Costa Mesa, CA
My 14-year-old hung himself. Everything was a blur, at first. I just remember drinking — and I don’t even like alcohol — until I would numb the pain in my head and my heart. I was hysterical, drinking, self-destructing. I reached out to help because I new I couldn’t do it on my own… I just didn’t know how. I am learning so much and looking forward to our online classes -to see everyone, to get to talk with them, and to get to know them better. My life experience and the knowledge that I will gain from ARCS will allow me to help other people.
- Testimonials - Transform Your Pain into PurposeSylvia Hammond, IN
I have been a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor for the past 30 years. I wound up feeling very powerless to help my clients because the system is not set up for individuals to find themselves. It’s set up to “herd people through”. Now, I know from studying at ARCS, that I have options in my counseling and nobody stands over me to criticize how I think. It has been so freeing. It has changed my feelings toward myself, as well as giving me tools to address my own issues — and to help my clients.
- Testimonials - Transform Your Pain into PurposeBarbara Durham, NC
I was laying in a hospital bed, when my partner shared the opportunity of going back to school to study something that I was interested in. Little did I know that I would have found a place where my life story would be accepted with no judgement and would be my tool to support others. I had so much shame in my story. I didn’t believe that I was worthy of being in the same space like other survivors, but while doing self healing and attending the class, I started to become proud of my story and invite others to feel that way, too.
- Testimonials - Transform Your Pain into PurposeElisa Atlanta, GA
ARCS has completely changed me!! ARCS has opened my eyes, and I now realize how badly I was treating myself. I realized how unhappy I have been all these years, but masked it by making everyone else happy. I didn’t realize how detrimental growing up without being able to be a child and going through all the life stages in a normal family can be. I know that with the help of ARCS and my dedication to now helping others, I can “pay it forward” to help so many hurting, lost souls! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Angelica Colorado Springs, COAngelica Colorado Springs, CO
As a young adult, I stayed married to a man that perpetuated the abuse cycle for many years. I didn’t realize the impact that these situations had on my personal well being until life became unmanageable. Everything started slowly shifting when I began focusing on the only person I can change – Myself. The ARCS journey is a self paced personal healing experience that enables me to do just that.
- Testimonials - Transform Your Pain into PurposeAmaya Cincinnati, OH
I grew up in a small religious cult up until I was 12. At that point, I was able to finally break free. I spent a few years devastated and overwhelmed by depression and trauma. The ARCS Certification Program as helped me to expand my knowledge, heal from my childhood trauma and grow spiritually — developing my own beliefs (rather than imposing beliefs on me).
Amina Rochester, NYAmina Rochester, NY
My experience in the ARCS program has been the BEST investment I have ever given myself. My only wish is that I could have found it much sooner. I immediately ended a 19 year relationship with my abusive partner shortly after enrolling into this program. I have my own identity, my confidence, and my power back.
Zoe Topeka, KSZoe Topeka, KS