The ARCS program has been an amazing experience for me. It challenged and
engaged me from the start.
While I thought I was participating in the program to help others, I quickly realized
it was therapeutic for me. I had shied away from attending therapy for more
reasons than one — but ARCS was just what I needed.
Being an educator for over 20 years, the format of ARCS was a natural fit for me. I was
fascinated with the knowledge gained in each lesson, and I looked forward to weekly
class sessions.
I found that I was better able to relate to my students and with colleagues, due to
my training from ARCS. Relationships with family and friends improved because
of the personal growth I’ve achieved from engaging in the ARCS curriculum.
My mind-set has evolved. I’m able to recognize how I have unintentionally contributed
to some undesirable situations in my life.
Engaging in ARCS activities helped me learn that I have an addiction, how it
developed, and how I had inadvertently passed it along to my daughter. This
information has been invaluable, for enhancing the quality of my life.
Initially, I thought that my ARCS journey would be a quick one. However, I soon
decided not to rush this journey but, rather, to take it slowly and enjoy all that it has to
During this two year experience, my interpersonal skills have developed, and I’m more
aware of how I can lead a healthier lifestyle. Also, I have gained more compassion for
those suffering from addiction and trauma, as well as admiration for those who are in
• ARCS provides a comfortable environment for self-discovery and healing.
• The program is conveniently designed for individuals to learn at their own
• The classroom atmosphere is inviting and relevant.
• My instructor is approachable, honest, knowledgeable, and compassionate.
• Tuition is affordable and well worth it.
I am so grateful to have found ARCS.