I grew up in a small religious cult up until I was 12. At that point, I was able to finally
break free — although my decision resulted in serious consequences. And of course,
there was also adulthood, for which I was not prepared.
At first, it seemed that my childhood and raising had been “normal”, but I later came to
understand my childhood for what it had actually been. My younger years were piled
with abuse in every form — emotional incest, spiritual abuse and other forms of trauma
which have caused me to suffer with PTSD — leaving me mentally unstable and on an
intense quest, to try to find any sense normality.
I spent a few years devastated and overwhelmed by depression and trauma. I
didn’t know it at the time, but I lacked a sense of purpose — something to hold on
Soon I began going to therapy and focusing on my mental health. Through this
process, I gradually came to realize that helping others has always come as a natural
form of communication for me. Not long after I started to develop a passion for
My first introduction to ARCS intrigued me, but now it has actually changed my
life. The ARCS Certification Program has helped me to:
• expand my knowledge
• heal from my childhood trauma
• grow spiritually, developing my own beliefs (rather than imposing beliefs on me)
• turn my passion into a career
Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you, doesn’t mean that
you can —- or should have to —- do it alone.