I was laying in a hospital bed, when my partner shared the opportunity of going back to school to study something that I was interested in.

Little did I know that I would have found a place where my life story would be accepted with no judgement and would be my tool to support others.

I have participated in transformational training where I have discovered tools to support others — yet, when I was dealing with my own battles, I ended up in a very dark place where seeking for professional help was my only choice.
I remember the beginning of my journey with ARCS. The first time I decided to share my story, at the end of my share, my Professor said, “Thank you for being here, your message inspires us all” — and that stayed with me.
Words are powerful.

I had so much shame in my story. I didn’t believe that I was worthy of being in the same space like other survivors, but while doing self-healing and attending the class, I started to become proud of my story and inviting others to feel that way, too.

There is no other way out, than “through”.
I have been a student for a long time, and every week when I go to the safe space that my Professor has created — I honor myself for choosing to continue this journey. “Life happens” and, now that our new normal is the “covid-way”, I am grateful that my online class continues to create the space for healing.

I am soon to be a Board-Certified Peer Specialist in Mental Health and it is my commitment to unify “Addiction and Recovery” as a Mental Health distinction.

The stigma that Addicts and Survivors carry are part of what is wrong in this world. Every time I have the opportunity to share, I allow myself to:

  • Honor myself for using my voice.
  • Acknowledge everyone in the room.
  • Remind all of us that we are the “world changers”.

We are the warriors and survivors who have made the decision to share our story as a safe space for others to heal, and to practice our healing for others to know that they are not alone.
By far, my ARCS Professor is the one who makes the magic in the room. Not everyone has the “It Factor” that she has.

She believes in the foundation of ARCS, and she practices in a way that lets me look forward to following her path. There is always someone that, when you are a child, asks you “What do you want to be when you grow up?” — or, “Who would you like to be when you grow up?”

I want to be like like my ARCS Professor — and through this Program, I will become an ARCS Professor.
I encourage everyone that has the passion of sharing their story and learning how to use it to help others heal to enroll in this Program — not only because it is a great place to be, but also because it provides the tools to be a great “Warrior Coach”.

Life is full of opportunities, and some of us go through life not knowing what to do. I encourage everyone to come and see what this Program is really about — and make your own decision.

I have been honored to share my space with admirable people, in class. And the curriculum, the online video-workbook lessons in this Program allow you to “do life” and “do you”, at the same time.

Balancing, career, work, family and — first and foremost, your health — come be a Warrior Coach!!