As a human being amongst all others, experiencing life and what some of the journey
within it entails has been a very emotional and “roller coaster”-like adventure for me. I’ve
traveled through waves of positive and negative emotions, all of which was an outward
expression of my inner perceptions, beliefs and habits.
I lived in a reality that once consisted of physical, emotional as well as spiritual
abuse — which held me in the prisons of negative thoughts, beliefs and realities
for a long time.
That trauma had me believing that some people were blessed and fortunate to live a
good experience in life, while others were born less fortunate and “locked out” of the
good that life has to offer.
I’m now glad and hopeful to have learned that it’s not a matter of whether or not
someone is created to be fortunate or less than fortunate, but rather that fortune
favors the person who is aware of their personal habits, patterns, thoughts and
beliefs — and that these things develop into our realities.
Amongst other studies, the ARCS program has further taught and also confirmed for me
that mental habits and denials are what keep us “stuck” in repetitive, negative cycles.
I highly recommend the ARCS program because the knowledge and experience that
I’ve gained through this program has helped me to both realize and witness the power
of awareness, acceptance, application and consistency.
The coursework, as well as the support of my ARCS classmates — all of us
fighting for change, to create our own realities —- this Program can realistically
aid in ones expectation of improvement and change.