I must say that this journey is amazing. I am learning more about myself and how to
deal with my past trauma.
I have been to therapy in the past, but this journey is something different. I didn’t
feel like I got as much out of being in therapy. I felt that something was missing
there, for me.
ARCS definitely filled that void for me. It is the link that I was missing.
Since doing the coursework, I have been able to have closure with certain things in my
life. I am more at peace with myself, and I see a lot of aspects of life differently.
I look forward to having classes every week with my professor and my fellow
classmates. Even though we are all at different paces in our ARCS journey, I feel that
we growing and becoming stronger together.
We are given tools which help us to help ourselves — as well as others.
I can’t wait to help others grow, once I am certified. I am so glad I am on this journey.
Being able to do the coursework at ARCS is a blessing, and I am grateful to be
embarking on the next chapter in my life’s journey.